Friday, January 16, 2009

Transportation problems


The airlines are having problems. With so many cutbacks, I discovered my flight this evening had some reductions of its own. When I boarded the plane, I discovered the company had not only laid off maintenance workers and axed amenities, but it also had spun off its e and d, leaving me aboard nothing but a minor unit of the once great airline.

Just a Unit.


Poor bus advertising decisions. Who is minding the store at the Washington Metropolitan Transportation Authority? Most agencies are seeking to build ridership. Most smart urban planners are doing everything they can to get people to leave their car at home and use transit.

So why would a transit agency accept such a stupid advertisement for one of its bus shelters?


Pedestrians. A significant challenge for being a transit user or a pedestrian is that there is nowhere to use the restroom. This is something I hear from time to time from subjects in my focus groups: ”The problem with public transit is that it doesn’t let you pee.” Which makes me wonder how are all of these people in their cars so conveniently going to the bathroom? Do cars have potties I’m not aware of?

I was just pleased to see that the fine folks in Washington DC have made it so much more

convenient for pedestrians visiting the Smithsonian Institution.

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