Saturday, April 18, 2009

Ten loosely related actions/observations from the last week

1. Walking in to the bathroom at work Wednesday and heading to the urinal. Standing there and thinking, ”Mmmm, something smells really good in here. I’m hungry.

2. Avoiding the olive oil and salt & pepper ice creams yesterday and opting for bourbon + cornflakes ice cream instead.

3. Thinking about oily hair/hair growth soap, Jabon Cacahuanache’s before and after images. Wishing I had bought more at the drug store in San Miguel de Allende.

before (antes) and after (despues)

4. Shopping in San Francisco Rite Aid stores, now that they will soon be sold to Walgreen’s. Noticing they are visited only by consumers who apparently don’t care about sale merchandise, because not a single item is on sale. Observing the only people in the store seem to be a handful of conventioneers and German tourists who don’t know that the locals don’t shop there anymore. Wondering where the older Chinese women have gone.

5. Watching older Chinese women lining up for matzoh ball soup during lunch hours at Bristol Farms.

6. Wandering through the Virgin Megastore liquidation sale and seeing old men and women leering in the 50% off porn DVD section.

7. Realizing that I am very old: that I absolutely must bend my knees when I sneeze to avoid throwing my back out and that I am appreciative of the cortisone shot that did a nice job on my bursitis.

8. Missing the prune Activia that I had in Mexico. And looking forward to getting it when I’m there later this week.

9. Knowing that the unfortunate acrylic shower pan that was just installed in our bathroom remodel will be ripped out this week and replaced with a much better tiled shower pan. Being relieved that it will look less like a nursing home.

10. Watching my grandmother as she tried to end our conversation about 50 times in 10 minutes. Watching my father continue to engage her. Hoping that if I am turning 99, I will be in good health and very alert and that if I’m not, somebody will push me off a cliff.
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