Friday, January 11, 2008

Creamy products and wine

Brad and I recently stumbled across an amazing selection of creamy products at remarkably reduced prices: the maxx for the minimum. We were in Tennessee trying to kill time by shopping for shoes in a Germantown strip mall. And then we hit payday. Zia rich and natural skin cleanser for $2.00. Some Australian brand of body polish for $3.00 that would reduce the appearance of cellulite. A rich fancy looking moisturizing hair gel for $3.00 (regular retail price $15.00). H20 body scrub at far less than H20 prices.

Productos. I tend to get excited about things like this, but I’d never seen Brad get so excited about cheap body products. He was having me look up the various products on my handy web-browsing cell phone to see whether they were indeed valued at the “original prices” listed on the tags. A bottle of Zirh men’s cologne that was selling on the web for $48 was being sold in Germantown for $14.00. It found a place in the shopping basket for a few minutes while I read the review of the product on-line: hints of cinnamon, musk, berries, mint, copper. We opted to skip the purchase, deciding that a good deal shouldn’t trump the ability the actually sample the scent first.

I bought a humungous bottle of EO lavender conditioner that normally retails for something like $30. It was about six bucks, but now I’ve got enough conditioner at home to moisturize not only my head, but also every chest hair for the next four years.

I had made a pact with myself sometime in 2007 to stop buying products. I have enough. And I end up collecting little bottles of shampoo and conditioner and moisturizer and face cleaner and soap during each of my 30+ hotel nights each year to keep me fully supplied so I should never have to buy any personal care products again. But this time it was Brad’s fault. He was excited about the products and his excitement convinced me that I should be excited, and therefore I purchased. And it was also the fault of handheld access to the Internet.

The Internet has been coming in handy for retail purchases. If something seems like an amazing deal, but I’m not sure, I find myself typing in the name of the product into my phone and doing a little corner-of-the-store research before making my purchase. When Brad was out purchasing wine for my big 40th birthday bash, I sent him to the Grocery Outlet store and told him to call me once he was surrounded by the options. It was the ultimate “phone a friend” lifeline as he read wine labels to me and I looked them up, checking not only the value, but also the reviews. We ended up with some fine wines at cheap prices.

So that’s it. I’ve become one of those annoying people who consult the Internet all the time. No longer is it just for airline tickets. It’s for email. It’s for checking Facebook status. It’s for buying creams and wine.

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